In April 2022, a customer from the aggregate industry contacted us. Due to the local cloudy and rainy weather, the polyurethane screen plate supporting the vibrating screen machine had a large area of blocked holes, and workers often needed to climb into the screen machine for cleaning. Before meeting us, customers also tried stainless steel anti-blocking screens, but the phenomenon of screen blockage and hardening still did not improve.

After observing the situation on site, we replaced the Strudex rubber screen for the customer. It is made of natural rubber with a hardness of 40 Shore A, and a steel skeleton is embedded inside the screen plate to ensure the structural strength of the rubber screen. Due to the high resilience of natural rubber, the surface of the screen plate can achieve a resonance effect with the vibrating screen machine, thereby solving the problem of screen hole blocking before the customer.

In addition to high elasticity, the Strudex rubber screen also has excellent wear resistance. In July 2022, after the customer used it for three months, we visited the customer again to observe the wear of the rubber screen. As shown in the picture below, the surface of the rubber screen plate has almost no wear, which completely exceeds the customer’s expectation, and we expect its service life to reach 10-12 months.