Rubber Ball Mill Liner Linings

  • Rubber linings are lightweight and easy to handle
  • Rubber mill linings show more wear resistance and require less maintenance
  • Rubber mill linings absorb impacts on the shell and reduce noise levels
  • Rubber mill linings have PREDICTABLE WEAR RATIOS, and thus facilitate inventory planning
  • Rubber mill linings show superior sealing performances against leaks

What is rubber ball mill liner?

The ball mill liners are located on the inner surface of the ball mill barrel, which protects the barrel from the direct impact and friction of the grinding media and the material. The ball mill liners’ material and shape are different base on requirements. When the grinding media contacts with different shapes of ball mill liners, the movement state will also change, thus enhancing the crushing effect on the material. This design of the mill liners effectively improves the grinding efficiency of the ball mill machine, increases production, and reduces metal consumption.

  • Wear resistance and structure
  • High usability factor
  • Improved working environments due to reduced noise levels
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Safe and easy operation
  • Lightweight
  • Fast, easy and safe assembly
  • Less costs per ton of ground ore
  • Rubber mill linings have a longer active lifespan, it is better than steel
  • Rubber linings are lightweight compared with steel made product
  • The lightweight construction of rubber linings reduce the power consumption of the mill
  • Shorter lead times allow fast delivery of essential spare parts.
  • The capability of isolating and absorbing noise, the product makes your environment healthier.